papua_new_guinea_provinces_numbers_2012The Provincial Disaster Committee was established by the National Disaster Management Act, under Part II, Division 2 Section 9 of the same act that established the National Disaster Committee. The Act gave powers and responsibility to the Provincial Disaster Committee to specific duties with their jurisdiction. The Provincial Disaster Committee has powers to do all things necessary or convenient to be done for or in connection with the performance of its functions under this Act.

The Provincial Disaster Committees are established by Section 9 of the NDM Act of 1987. The membership is comprised of:

  • the head of the Provincial Administration or in case of NCD, Manager of the National Capital District Commission as Chairman;
  • the Provincial Police Commander or in case of NCD, Commander NCD/Central;
  • the Provincial Works Manager or in case of NCD, City Engineer;
  • the Provincial Health Adviser (Officer) or in case of NCD, Health Officer;
  • the Officer-In -Charge of Provincial Affairs;
  • the Officer-In-Charge of Delegated Functions; and
    other NGOs or Co-opted Members
  • The provincial Disaster Coordinator is the secretariat to the Provincial Disaster Committee (PDC).

The basic roles and functions of the Provincial Disaster Committees are:

  1. To provide and render advice to the Provincial Executive Council (PEC) through the Governor in ensuring that development plans for the province take into account hazards prone to the Province;
  2. To make assessments on particular hazards prone or common in the province;
  3. To prepare contingency plans for respective hazards and supervise the state of preparedness for emergencies in the Province;
  4. Foster public awareness on natural phenomena and mitigation measures; and Organise training of relief workers in the province.