About Us

The National Disaster Centre (NDC) was established by an Act of Parliament, the Disaster Management Act 1984, Chapter 403.  The National Disaster Centre comes under the Department of Provincial & Local Level Government Affairs, and exists under legislation to provide the necessary and appropriate disaster management services to the people of Papua New Guinea.

There are two divisions at NDC; Risk Management (RM) and Community Government Liaison(CGL). The Risk Management Division deals with pro-active matters through researches, analysis, awareness, education and training whilst the Community Government Liaison handles rapid response and operations. Each divison is headed by Assistant Directors who reports to the Director is appointed by the National Executive Council (NEC).

Our Vision

Ensure Safe and Sustainable Communities in Papua New Guinea

Our Mission

To provide national leadership in the development and maintenance of measures to reduce risk to communities and to manage the consequences of disasters in Papua New Guinea

Our Mandate

to supervise the national state of preparedness for emergencies and disasters and to report on it to the National Executive Council;

to maintain the National Emergency Plan (currently known as the National Disaster Management Plan) of the National Executive Council;

to assign responsibilities for disaster-related activities to Departments and other bodies;

to coordinate Departmental relief actions and collate national relief requirements;

to advise the National Executive Council if appeal for international assistance is required;

to lay down guidelines for the preparation and format of provincial disaster plans;

to examine and where necessary approve all grants from national funds for emergency relief;

to foster public awareness of the effects of natural hazards and measures which can be taken to reduce their effects;

to supervise the establishment of stockpiles of relief supplies; and

in the case of disaster, to advise the National Executive Council of all the circumstances and on the advisability of declaring a National Emergency.

Our Core Functions

  • National Training – Disaster Legislation; Disaster Plans; Mitigation Policy,
  • Information and Awareness – Media coordination; Community Education
  • National Operation Centre Management – Assistance & Assessment teams; Incident recording & reporting
  • Financial Management – Donor & Govt. Funds

Our Values

  • All our work is underlined by the need to reduce the potential loss of life and suffering from disasters in Papua New Guinea.
  • We will act with care and diligence and be sensitive to the needs of governments and communities
  • We value partnerships and networking in meeting those needs.
    We will be responsive to Government and be alert to public interest considerations when providing advice to Ministers.
  • We value integrity, honesty, equity and professional expertise in our partners and in our staff
  • We will maintain a close focus on results and a strong commitment to accountability and continuous improvement.
  • In any dealings with us you can expect to be treated with courtesy, fairness and respect.