Jiwaka is located in a very fertile land (Waghi Valley). The Waghi River runs between the valley and most of the people benefit out of it. Besides the Waghi River, the land is naturally fertile and people harvest the best food from it. The 3 resources of the Jiwaka people are coffee, tea and human resources.

The province covers an area of 4,798 km²,[1] and there are 343,987 inhabitants (2011 census final figures[2]—2000 census 185,641). Jiwaka province officially came into being on 17 May 2012,[3] comprising three districts[4][5] previously part of Western Highlands Province.

“Jiwaka” is a portmanteau word combining the first two letters each of Jimi, Waghi and Kambia.

Provincial Disaster Office Contacts

Joseph N. Amban
Acting Disaster Coordinator
PH: 5421627
Mobile: 72354062