Eastern Highlands Province is made up of rugged mountain terrain and broad valleys. It has low coastal areas in the Markham and Ramu valleys. The Province’s two highest peaks, Mt Tabletop and Mt Michael are located on Kratke and Bismarck Range respectively. They rise at a height of more than 3,000 metres above sea level. Specifically, Mt Michael is situated 3750 metres above sea level while Mt Tabletop is at 3,686 metres.

Asaro and Lamari rivers both flow into the Puraari which is one of PNG’s five major river systems. The Yonki Hydro-Power Station is fed by the Ramu river.

The Province is entered through the Kassam Pass and exited to other Highlands provinces at Daulo Pass. Kassam Pass offers a picturesque view of the Markham and Ramu valleys while Daulo Pass reveals a breathtaking view of Goroka’s lush, green valleys.

Provincial Disaster Office Contact

Namanea Omahe
Disaster Coordinator
PH: 732367
Mobile: 72055712